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Credit Information
Chairman: Mrs. Liu
Since: 1998
Registered Capital: 7-10mill
Business License:
Registered City: Weifang
Nature: Private
Weifang Honghua Textile Co., Ltd is a snowflake yarn, AB yarn, core spun yarn, color yarn, siro spinning, spinning, slub yarn, anti twist yarn, strong twist yarn, plied yarn, Modal Yarn, combed yarn, ramie yarn, bamboo fiber yarn, rayon yarn products such as professional production and processing the company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Weifang Hong Hua Textile Co., Ltd. integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Weifang Honghua Textile Co., Ltd., founded in July 1998, is located in the "China textile silk" - Shandong province Xiashan Economic Development Zone Zheng Gong Street Industrial Park, is a research and development production and sales as one of the modern enterprise of textile yarn. Xiashan reservoir, has 4120 square kilometers of beautiful scenery, outstanding people, rich in natural resources.
Credit Information
Legal representative: Mr. Mrs. Liu
Year of eastablishment: 1998
Oganization type: Private
Business scope: Manufacturer
Number of staff: 150
Registered place: Weifang
Registered capital: 7-10mill
Annual turnover: 10-20 million
Products exported to: Europe, North America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East
Brands: Honghua brand
Main customer:
Export percent: %
Weifang Honghua Textile Co., Ltd. Telephone: 18660610268/18663606127
Address: Zhenggong first village,Zhenggong street,Xiashan district,Weifang,China.